Welcome to Ideal Medical. Our goal is simple; to give you individual care that is unsurpassed by any other medical practice. We truly want you to experience a direct, personal relationship with your doctor. At Ideal Medical, you see a board-certified physician; no physician's assistants or nurses. You get personalized office visits with ample time to ask questions and discuss your health issues. You will also receive individualized consultations and exams based on your concerns, coupled with evidence-based medical recommendations. A focus on preventative health and early detection of disease is one of our main priorities. Our recommendations are free of pharmaceutical company influence or insurance oversight; your health is what guides our actions. All office tests and procedures are included at no extra charge. You can review your results online, email and video chat with the doctor, and request appointments through your patient portal. Simply put, it is all about YOU.

ā€œIā€™m bringing modern technology to the traditional practice of medicine in order to provide you the personal care you deserve. I guarantee you will see a difference on your very first visit!ā€

Dr. Kevin Brown